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TEZZCO Makes It Your Choice, Not Theirs!

We'll keep you running with your current vibration data collection & vibration analyzer products at a very attractive cost to you for as long as we can.  Our goal is to build  long-term trust & a highly valued relationship.

Then, when YOU & your CBM program are ready for new technology, we invite you to compare our Liberator 402 to any system on the market. 


Ask us about the Liberator®;     a genuine breakthrough in machine condition monitoring! 



Registered Names/Trademarks:

CSI, Computational Systems Inc., now MHM® Machine Health Management, owned by Emerson Process Management LLLP

Entek IRD, owned by Rockwell Int'l.

dataPAC® Registered Trademark

SKF Condition Monitoring (formerly Palomar) owned by SKF

Microlog® Registered Trademark

DI, Diagnostic Instruments Ltd., now owned by SKF

COMMTEST Instruments, Ltd. of New Zealand


Keep Your CSI & Other Portable Vibration Analyzers / Data Collectors:

  1. Running Longer

  2. In Top Condition

  3. At Savings Up To 50%

TEZZCO Inc. provides independent third party repair, calibration, and maintenance services for most major vibration data collectors and vibration analyzers.

  • We repair & maintain CSI, ENTEK/IRD, SKF, DI, & Commtest
  • Many of our customers are recognized leaders in reliability
  • Lower your current costs on vibration analyzer maintenance
  • Avoid capital cost, training cost & the cost of poor timing due to OEM forced obsolescence
  • Change to new technology when YOU are ready

Trust in TEZZCO Quality Service:

  • Contracts for services of over 500 vibration data collectors
  • Services on all vibration analyzers/data collectors listed below
  • Up to 50% savings on repair &  corporate maintenance agreement costs compared to OEMs
  • We match OEM quality testing including calibration to 4th decimal place

Vibration Data Collector -Analyzer Capabilities List:




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:: What's New :: 

TEZZCO Announces our new TZ-TK-3 WobbleDisk Proximity (Eddy Current) Probe Calibration Tool.  Compare to the Wobulator.

For more information, click here



CSI 2115s, a 2120 & 2110s on a bench (above)


ENTEK/IRD dataPAC® 1250 on a bench (above)

COMMTEST VB on a bench (above)


:: Cost/Technical Information :: 

For pricing, corporate discounts and technical details  on the repair & lower cost maintenance contracts, please contact our North American office at

(716) 652-6220

or e-mail us at info@tezzco.com



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